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How to use a GPO to improve Windows folder security

Ever notice how difficult it is to set user permissions and rights exactly the way you want them in Windows folders? In this thread from our IT Knowledge Exchange, learn how you could accomplish this task -- or even offer some advice of your own.

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Our company has a share called "ClientStore" where we store all client information. Within the ClientStore folder we have a letter for each letter in the alphabet. Then we have other folders, sorted alphabetically within that folder, and sorted by the letter that the company's name starts with. Then we have all the client information within that particular client folder.

Then we have another folder sorted alphabetically within that folder, sorted by the letter that the company's name starts with.

We want to prevent users from making changes, such as deleting, renaming, moving and so on, to our folder structure. We would like to lock it down but we still need to allow our users to write, edit and read within each of those client folders so they can save documents and edit documents for a particular client.

Is there any way to accomplish this with a GPO?

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This was last published in April 2008

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