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International issues in deployment

Tips on deploying Windows 2000 in an International context.

International issues in deployment
Microsoft Corp.

This tip, from Microsoft, discusses considerations in deploying Windows 2000 in an international context.

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The following tips will help you plan for an international installation.

  • Avoid assumptions about the language version of the operating system that your application is running. Check ahead of time so you're sure which language is being used.
  • Do not assume that the locale, code page and user interface match for a given user or computer.
  • Use Windows Installer. It is available in both ANSI and Unicode.
  • Determine what fonts are needed. Often you only need the correct fonts to support international functionality.
  • Use the latest Windows 2000 printer drivers. They will provide the best support for international features.
  • Check both your application and the operating system when tracking down international problems.

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