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Is a Group Policy setting changing my user rights?

Have you ever noticed a sudden change in your privileges in Windows Server 2003? In this thread from our IT Knowledge Exchange (ITKE), see how one user learned to combat this issue.

Question: I have a Windows Server 2003 machine. It works as a file and backup server and DNS for about 30 computers. For some reason, I have lost all privileges on this machine and I am having trouble sharing a folder with a specific user. When I search for users, I don't see my DC, only my local computer. Also, all of the other shared folders that could be accessed before could no longer be accessed until I changed security settings for everyone. I have tried gpupdate/force, but to no avail. When I check gpresult, I see that local Group Policies were not applied because they were filtered out. What could have caused my settings to change in this way?
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