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Is blogging causing company concerns?

Is blogging causing company concerns?

Recently, I've become a bit concerned about the status of blogging. I've heard that some individuals have been berated by their company because they are blogging. Looking back at these particular blog posts, I didn't find anything that should have caused concern for company management. The blogs were all personal thoughts about news and events which anyone can find and read.

Are companies now trying to control employees even further? Is the iron-fist coming out for bloggers? This saddens me. There are so many great personalities out there with expertise that should be shared, instead of the company trying to squelch what they do.

I can understand it if there were company secrets being poured into the public, but when someone is just trying to share thoughts and the company still tries to rein them in, that's just not right.

I left my previous company for these same reasons. Of course, blogging wasn't even in the vernacular at that time, but one company I worked for tried to tell me I couldn't write books or articles. When will this stop? There's a huge benefit to blogging that these companies aren't able to understand. If someone in your company is considered an expert, it makes the company look good. Why try to minimize their efforts? Human Resources should be all over this one, but sadly, I really doubt they care. They have to answer to the same management folks that everyone else does.


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