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Keep Exchange Server in tune

Keep Exchange Server in Tune

Keep Exchange Server in Tune
Adesh Rampat

There are periodic things that you should do to keep your Exchange server running in top form. Adesh Rampat, a subscriber, offers these hints for checking and tuning.


Through using Microsoft Exchange for E-mail communication I have found that this checklist can help in providing a healthier Exchange server:

  • Check the Application Log and System Event logs for errors and warnings. Make sure that online defragmentation is running. Double click on event ID 1221 to see how much disk space was reclaimed after an online defragmentation
  • Check the amount of Disk space currently in use. If you notice that Disk space used is building up rapidly it may be that the transaction logs are building up. This occurs if you have circular logging disabled. Enabling it will help. Also, to help reduce build up of transaction logs, you should perform daily backups.
  • Speaking of backups, there's another reason to perform them regularly. Since the information store always has current messages, you don't want to restore database from a backup that was two days old if the Exchange server crashes.
  • Create a server monitor and monitor the major services (Information Store, Directory Services etc.)
  • Check your tracking.log files for any abnormal increase in size (ALL tracking log files must be not larger than 5,120kb). If you notice that the files are larger then you are going to have a corrupted database.
  • Every so often run ISINTEG to check the integrity of the Information Stores.


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Sadesh Rampat is a Support Analyst who has been in the industry for over ten years. He supports and maintains Windows NT and Exchange servers.

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