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Keep away from your servers!

Here's a tip for setting up a remote workstation to do administration.

Don't get caught sitting at the server to do administration. (Even though NT seems to encourage that very thing by installing all the admin tools at the server). It's much safer to do it from an NT workstation. Here's how you set up a remote workstation:

1. Insert the NT Server CD-ROM into your NT workstation.

2. Run the file: ClientsSrvtools WinntSetup.bat. This will detect your processor and install the correct images into the %SystemRoot%System32 folder. You'll have to press
3. Create shortcuts either on the NT workstation's desktop or Start menu for these applications:
dhcpadmn.exe-DHCP Manager poledit.exe-System Policy Editor rasadmin.exe-Remote Access Administrator rplmgr.exe-Remoteboot Manager srvmgr.exe-Server Manager usrmgr.exe-User Manager for Domains winsadmn.exe-WINS Manager dnsadmin.exe-DNS Manager

Now there'll be no chance of accidentally shutting down the server!

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