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Keep track of connections with extensions to the PROMPT command

Use your PROMPT in a CMD window to keep an eye on where you are.

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Use your PROMPT in a CMD window to keep an eye on where you are. I PUSHD/POPD all day long and sometimes get more drives connected than I can keep track of. By using two extensions to the PROMPT command, I can now tell exactly what I'm connected to all the time.

  • Use the $+ parameter to include a plus sign for every outstanding PUSHD you've done.

  • Use the $M parameter to show the remote name of the drive you're currently connected to. My prompt string, as shown in the code, displays a prompt like the following when I've PUSHD'ed to a remote drive:
     NetServerc Thu 04/04/2002 15:19:42 Y:Winnt +Y:>
    In a quick glance, I can tell I'm connected to the Netserver C share after PUSHD'ing once.

Here's a quick synopsis:

 $m - display the remote share name $_ - newline $d - date $t - time $h - three of these erases the hundredths of a second, sometimes you just don't need that much detail! $p - current drive and path $+ - how many outstanding PUSHD's $n - current drive, just an extra reminder $g - greater-than sign set prompt=$m$_$d $t$h$h$h$_$p$_$+$n:$g

This was last published in April 2002

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