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List all your network printers to a file

Do you want to get a list of all your network printers and send them to a file? Find out how this user does it.

Do you want to get a list of all your network printers and send them to a file? All you need to know is the name...

(NetBIOSname or hostname) of the server sharing the printers and then type at the command prompt:

net view printservername | find /i "print">printers.txt

Replace "printservername" for a valid computername. In the example above the output goes to a file called "printers.txt".

If you have more than one server sharing printers and you want the output in the same file, then use the ">>" symbol to append to the file. For example:

net view myserver | find /i "print" >>printers.txt

Now you don't have to browse the network just to get a list of network printers.

net view computername | find /i "print" >printers.txt

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