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Maintaining a secure Active Directory network

In this four-part series, expert Derek Melber discusses the different aspects of Active Directory network security.

The following is a four-part series on network security by IT expert Derek Melber. The series covers several areas of Active Directory security, including tips on how to protect your domain controllers, secure domain user accounts, common delegation scenarios and the most beneficial ways to use Group Policy.

Read on to learn about these useful tools and more to help keep your Active Directory network as secure as possible. And remember, if you still have questions when you're done, you can pose them to Derek or other IT pros in our Ask the Experts section.

  • Part 1: Make sure you have a secure Active Directory network by securing domain controllers
  • Part 2: Securing your Active Directory network
  • Part 3: Keep your domain user accounts in check or suffer the consequences
  • Part 4: Group Policy: The final consideration in securing Active Directory

    10 tips in 10 minutes: Windows IT management

      Tip 1: The long-range plan for 64-bit hardware
      Tip 2: A Window into interoperability
      Tip 3: Third-party software: Do you need it?
      Tip 4: Buy 64-bit now; you won't regret it
      Tip 5: Maintaining a secure Active Directory network
      Tip 6: Firewalls can help or hurt, so plan carefully
      Tip 7: Weak passwords can make your company vulnerable
      Tip 8: Keys to finalizing your Active Directory migration
      Tip 9: Network safety relies on reaction time to Patch Tuesday
      Tip 10: Make friends with your security auditors

    Derek Melber, MCSE, MVP, and CISM, is the director of compliance solutions for DesktopStandard Corp. He has written the only books on auditing Windows security available at The Institute of Internal Auditors' bookstore. He also wrote the Group Policy Guide for Microsoft Press -- the only book Microsoft has written on Group Policy. You can contact Melber at

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