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Make sure uninstalls really uninstall all devices

Installs on Win2k Pro and Server install one ore more devices, but these sometimes aren't removed during an uninstall.

Software installations on Windows 2000 Professional and Server editions inevitably install one or more devices, but these sometimes are never uninstalled when the software is uninstalled. Windows 2000 has a facility to view a list of all devices installed and uninstall them that are no longer in use or required.

Right click My_Computer, select Properties, click on the Hardware tab, click Device_Manager, click View on the menu bar, Check Show_Hidden_Devices, select Devices_by_Connection or Type to view all those devices that have been installed.

You probably will find some devices that were left behind by uninstalled software installations.

Right clicking on a device will bring up a menu, [Disable, Uninstall, Scan for Hardware Changes, Properties], opening the Properties page will verify if the device is in use or not.

Typically, devices that are left behind by uninstalled software will have a status of "not working properly" and only the [Uninstall, Scan for Hardware Changes, Properties] items will be visible.

Devices no longer in use or required can safely be uninstalled.

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