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Making default install more secure

Making default install more secure
Roberta Bragg

When you install Windows 2000, the default install program writes access lists that are less restrictive than might be desirable. Here is a tip (excerpted from Windows 2000 Security, by Roberta Bragg, published by New Riders that tells you how to beef up that security a bit.


We can all understand why default install doesn't set more restrictive DACLs (Directory Access Control Lists) on the root: Windows 2000 might overwrite other data access permissions already present on the partition. But what it we know our installs are going to be on virgin partitions?

You can modify the default access control settings by modifying the default templates used during setup or by applying default templates after install but before use. These templates can be modified by using the Security Templates MMC snap-in. The default templates defltwk.inf or defltsv.inf can be applied using the Security Configuration and Analysis console.


To learn more about Windows 2000 Security, or to buy the book, click here.

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This was last published in January 2001

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