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Manage Windows network permissions and admin rights

Our security experts share their advice on how you can better manage your network users' level of rights.

Learn how to manage your Windows network permissions and ensure that your users always have the appropriate level...

of administrator rights in our "Ask the Security Expert Roundup". We share advice from Windows networking security expert Wes Noonan and Windows hardening expert Jonathan Hassell that will help you learn to grant and manage administrator rights, manage rights on domain and database servers and learn how to set the permissions for folders on your Windows network.

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0:39: How can I grant Windows network access without giving the user administrator rights?

1:42: How can I manage my users' administrator rights?

2:44: How can I grant admin rights to a certain application through both my domain server and my database server?

3:39: A step-by-step explanation on making a Windows folder read-only.

Do you have your own question about Windows security and managing administrator rights and file permissions? Ask our security experts Jonathan Hassell and Wes Noonan.

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