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Manage scheduled tasks remotely

How to manage scheduled tasks on a computer that isn't at your location.

The Scheduled Tasks function takes a lot of the hassle out of doing things at a specific time every day. But what if you're over here... and the computer you need to add or edit tasks for is over there? With Windows 2000, you need to have the following things in order to view or edit the Scheduled Tasks:

  • You must have explicit administrator privileges on the remote computer.
  • The remote computer must be running Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, or Windows 9x (although this example is confined to Windows 2000).

Viewing the Scheduled Tasks on a remote computer isn't hard -- open up My Network Places, look for the computer in question, then open the Scheduled Tasks folder on that computer. To manage said tasks, you'll need to have the Remote Registry service running on that machine (which is enabled by default in Windows 2000). Some administrators may consider this a security hazard and turn it off, so you may want to check to see if this has been done if you discover you can't edit the Properties for said tasks. If the service is turned off, since you have explicit administrator privileges, you can turn it back on.

Also note that you don't have to actually create the job on the remote machine, which may be slow and cumbersome -- you can create and edit it locally, then paste the .JOB file into the remote Scheduled Tasks folder of your choosing.

Serdar Yegulalp is the editor of the Windows 2000 Power Users Newsletter.

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