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Manage your network with custom MMC consoles

Use custom MMC consoles to manage multiple facets of your network with ease.

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Using three custom created MMC consoles, I can manage all aspects of my network -- locally or remotely (via the VPN).

The first is my "Domain Console", where I add snap-ins for AD controllers (sites, users, etc), as well as all of the other servers. This allows me to manage DFS, Exchange, events and shares all in one place without opening a new console for each server.

My second console is the "Computer Console". As I get support calls about our Win2k machines, I add the computer of the client I am speaking with to this console. This way, I can manage all aspects of that machine in the computer management snap-in. It also helps me keep an eye on new shares the user is adding to their machine.

My third console is my "Remote Connect Console". In this console, there are only snap-ins related to remote connectivity. For my convenience, I also add the computer management snap-in for the servers involved in remote connectivity.

These three consoles are invaluable to me. It seems almost too obvious to use these, but I have encountered several admins that use the default MMC console and spend a lot of time connecting to resources to manage them. I hope this tip helps you as much as it has helped me.

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