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Marketing Strategy on the Web

Marketing Strategy on the Web
Daniel Amor

Microsoft is promoting Windows 2000 as an Internet and e-commerce platform. If you are in one of the shops that run Windows 2000 and are looking to utilize the e-commerce capabilities of the new OS, this should be an interesting read.

Excerpted from The E-Business (R)evolution, by Daniel Amor, published by New Riders.

A strategy for marketing on the Internet should follow these rules:

  • Brands - Your web site becomes your most important brand.
  • Change - The rules on the Internet are changing.
  • Conciseness - Keep your pages short and spread information on several pages.
  • Content - Content is king; don't bore your customers.
  • Dynamic Sites - Create dynamic sites that use new technologies to adapt information based on user profiles.
  • Finances - Try new markets with low advertising pricing schemes.
  • Free Give-aways - Create freebee offerings for your loyal customers.
  • Global Village - think global, but localize.
  • Live Events - Online events create awareness fast.
  • Niche Markets - The Internet is a series of niche markets and mass markets.
  • Promotion - Promote your site everywhere.
  • Syndication - Co-brand your services and products.
  • Technology - Use Internet technology to maximize your marketing objectives.

For more information on The E-Business (R)evolution, or to buy the book, click here.

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