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Maximize your hard drive free space

How to keep your hard drive free space at a maximum.

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If you create backups of computers either for a rollout image or for off-site storage, be sure to keep your hard drive free space at a maximum. Here are some quick tips.

1) Get rid of temporary files that aren't needed. With hard drive sizes so incredibly large, Internet Explorer now gives itself over 2 GB of storage space for temporary Internet files on a 160 GB hard drive. During imaging you only image the used space of the drive, so an extra 2GB could be important.

2) Keep the number of profiles on your computer to a minimum. Windows profiles can be quite small, but they grow rapidly if they aren't maintained. If you have 20 users on a computer, do they all need a separate log-in?

3) Many installers use the local settingstemp folder to store files during install. Unfortunately, not all installers empty that folder when they are done.

4) Turn off Windows Restore. It will use a large portion of your drive, which is pointless if you are using some other utility to store your backups.

This was last published in October 2005

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