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Microsoft expands e-learning program

Microsoft has made significant changes to its e-learning offerings for IT professionals seeking training and information about MCP topics.

Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced a battery of e-learning offerings as an option for IT professionals seeking training and information about MCP topics. The problem at the time was the limited number of offerings. That's changed significantly.

Here's what's new:

  • All the core MCSE exam topics are now matched with e-learning offerings except for the Windows 2000 Professional exam (70-210). I don't see this as a huge deficiency because exam 70-270 is covered and many companies who haven't done so are thinking about upgrading to Windows XP.
  • Pricing on all courses is up from the initial $199 to $349 per course across the board. Compared to $1,800 and up for most equivalent instructor-led courses from Microsoft or official training outlets, this is a darn good price.
  • Microsoft Press offers self-study kits for all these topics, which may be an even better option for those who are extremely budget conscious or who can't (or don't want to) take an online exam prep course.

What this means in plain English is that would-be MCSA and MCSE candidates for Windows Server 2003 now have complete slates of online training for a bargain price -- if they want to hear and experience Microsoft's take on training content. Those upgrading from Windows 2000 to Windows Server 2003 can take all the courses for exams 70-290 and 70-291 to prepare for upgrade exam 70-292; likewise, prepping for upgrade exam 70-296 means taking all the courses for exams 70-293 and 70-294.

The table below shows the courses available for various core MCSE MCP exams. You can find more information at Microsoft's E-Learning Home and follow links to details about each individual course. For convenience, I also include links to related exam objectives.

Exam ID Abbreviated Title CNum(s)
70-270 IC&A Windows XP Pro 2285
70-290 M&M Win2KS3 Environment 2274 & 2275
70-291 IM&M Win2KS3 NW Infrastructure 2276 & 2277
70-293 P&M Win2KS3 NW Infrastructure 2278
70-294 PI&M Win2KS3 AD Infrastructure 2279
70-297 Designing Win2KS3 AD & NW Infrastructure 2282
70-298 Designing Security for a Win2KS3 NW 2830

If you have questions or concerns about MS certification, or suggestions for topics you'd like to see covered, please e-mail me at

Ed Tittel is a long-time certification follower. He's series editor for Exam Cram 2, a popular assembly of cert prep books from Que Publishing, and a contributing editor for Certification Magazine. He also covers certification topics for, and numerous other TechTarget Web sites.

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