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Microsoft's documented keyboard shortcuts

Here's a list of Microsoft's documented keyboard shortcuts.

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Here's a list of Microsoft's documented keyboard shortcuts.

General folder / Windows Explorer shortcuts for a selected object:

        Keys                    	Action
        ---------			------------
        F2                      	Rename
        F3                      	Find
        CTRL+X, C, or V       	 	Cut, Copy, or Paste
        SHIFT+DELETE      		Delete immediately without putting 
                                        the file in Recycle Bin
        ALT+ENTER             		Properties
        ALT+double-click    		Properties
        CTRL+right-click      		Put alternative verbs on the context 
                                        menu  (Open With)
        SHIFT+double-click      	Explore the object if it has an Explore
        CTRL+drag a file to a folder   	Copy a file
        CTRL+SHIFT+drag a file to the 
        desktop or a folder             Create a shortcut
        CTRL+ESC,ESC,TAB,SHIFT+F10  	Open taskbar properties
General control over folders/Windows Explorer
        Keys                    	Action
        ---------			------------
        F4 (Explorer)           	Displays the combo box
        F5                      	Refresh
        F6                      	Switches between panes in 
                                        Windows Explorer
        CTRL+G (WindowsExplorer)        Goto
        CTRL+Z                  	Undo
        CTRL+A                  	Select all
        BACKSPACE               	Goes to the parent folder
        SHIFT+<close>           	Closes this folder and all its 
                                        parent folders
In Windows Explorer
        Keys                    	Action
        ---------			------------
        Num*                    	Expands everything under selection
        Num-                    	Expands selection
        Num+ or Right arrow     	Collapses selection
        Right arrow             	Expands current selection if it's 
                                        collapsed; otherwise goes to the first
        Left arrow              	Collapses current selection if it's 
                                        expanded; otherwise goes to the parent
In Properties
        Keys                    	Action
        ---------			------------
        CTRL+TAB or  CTRL+SHIFT+TAB	Switches between Properties tabs
In Open/Save Common Dialog Boxes
        Keys                    	Action
        ---------		        ------------
        F4                      	Drop down the location list
        F5                      	Refresh the view
        Backspace               	Go to parent folder if focus is on 
                                        view window
General Keyboard-Only Commands
        Keys                    	Action
        ---------			------------
        F1                      	Help
        F10                     	Goes to menu mode
        SHIFT+F10               	Context menu for selected item
        CTRL+ESC                	Brings up Start menu
        CTRL+ESC, ESC           	Focus on the Start button
        SHIFT+F10               	Context menu
        ALT+TAB                 	Switch to the running program
        SHIFT while inserting CD        Bypasses auto-run
        Alt+M when focus is on taskbar  Minimizes all windows
Accessibility Shortcuts
        Keys                    	Action
        ---------		        ------------
        Tap SHIFT 5 times       	Toggles StickyKeys on/off
        Hold down Right SHIFT 
        for 8 seconds                   Toggles FilterKeys on/off
        Hold down NumLock for 5 seconds Toggles ToggleKeys on/off
        Left ALT+LEFT+SHIFT +NumLock	Toggles MouseKeys on/off
        Left ALT+LEFT+SHIFT+PrintScreen Toggles HighContrast on/off
MS Natural Keyboard
        Keys                    	Action
        ---------			------------
        Win+R                   	Run dialog
        Win+M                   	Minimize All
        Shift-Win+M             	Undo Minimize All
        Win+F1                  	Windows Help
        Win+E                   	Explorer
        Win+F                   	Find Files or Folders
        CTRL+Win+F                      Find Computer
        Win+Tab                         Cycle through taskbar buttons
        Win+Break               	PSS Hotkey... (System properties)

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