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Migrating to Windows 2000 with BDC and PDC

When you have a PDC and a BDC, first shutdown the BDC, then migrate the PDC to Windows 2000.

Migrating to Windows 2000 with BDC and PDC
Mutsje Motormuis

Here's a nice little user tip for migrating to Windows 2000. If you haven't done so -- and lots of people haven't -- you will find yourself wondering what to do with all your primary domain controllers and backup controllers. This tip should help.

Migrating to Windows 2000 is a delicate job. When you have a PDC (primary domain controller) and a BDC (backup domain controller), shutdown the BDC before migrating the PDC to Windows 2000. That way if it fails, you can start the BDC, promote it to PDC, and restore the situation easily.

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