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More ISA tips

Answers to user questions on the Internet Security and Acceleration Server.

More ISA tips
Roberta Bragg

Thinking about deploying Microsoft's Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000? Check out solutions to common ISA problems from security consultant, columnist and author Roberta Bragg fielded over 60 security questions from Windows IT pros in a live expert Q&A on July 25. Here are her answers to many of your pressing ISA security questions.

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Q: What special configuration is needed when installing ISA into an NT4 network? Are there benefits to installing on a native 2000 network?
A: On a Win2k network you can create ISA arrays and gain many advantages.

Q: When we set up our ISA system, we noticed that though the ISA part worked, after we installed it we couldn't use IE to get on the Internet on that machine. Must the proxy client be loaded on the firewall machine as well? A: No, no, NO! Do not load the firewall client on the ISA server! This is a security risk! You can use IE from the ISA Server but you must configure its LAN settings to point to the proxy address.

Q: What's the difference between ISA LAT and General Firewall NAT?
A: LAT is local address table. It records which subnets or ranges are on the internal network. All others are considered to be on the external. This allows ISA to determine if it needs to NAT the request and pass it external. ISA does do NAT. It uses and enhances the NAT service of Win2k.

Q: Will we have to upgrade the ISA server once the XP ISA Server is released and/or when you have XP servers?
A: There is no public information available on that.

Q: Does ISA Server provide low-layer, stateful packet inspection?
A: Yes.

Q: I want to use dial-on-demand together with Secure NAT. Is this possible or do I have to install Firewall Client everywhere?
A: Dial-on-demand is implemented via RRAS. As such, a request for a resource outside the LAT will prompt a dialup connection. It really has nothing to do with what client is used. You will want to test your configuration thoroughly before implementation.

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