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More advantages of multiple partitions

When installing a dual boot or a single operating system, it is useful to create these partitions to save time and effort.

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When installing a dual boot or a single operating system, I find it useful to create the following partitions from the FDISK utility, on any boot floppy, and then format it in FAT 32 (If you're installing Windows NT or 95 however, you will have to use the Windows 95 boot floopy for FAT 16):
  • C: Drive 60 MB for system files only
  • D: First operating system
  • E: Second operating system
  • F: If enough space remains, create a seperate storage drive to make sure you dont lose valuable data if your hardrive fails.
If you ghost the C: drive only and you get boot up failure, the ghost back up is a lot shorter than backing up an entire operating system. I had to recover a dual operating system with the above configuration, and it was very quick.
This was last published in August 2002

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