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More on private keys

Further information on how to save private keys and certificates for workstation users.

More on private keys
David Gabel

A subscriber to this tip e-mail wrote, after our mailing of the Security tip of last week, the following missive. "'You should ensure that users have a backup of their file-encryption certificate and corresponding private key.'" This sounds pretty important doesn't it? The tip should have included additional information regarding this."

Indeed, this is pretty important, and we had thought to include that information in our last tip, but didn't, because the tip was pretty long, and brevity, being the soul of wit, is also something cherished of editors.

But ask, and ye shall receive. This tip discusses the very information that our reader wanted.

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The best place to find more info on the subject is the Windows help file. In case you haven't found these yet, you can simply place your cursor somewhere on the desktop, and press F1. When the help file appears, click on the Index tab, and in the dialog box type in private. You'll see two entries for Private Keys, defined and encryption, recovery.

Click on encryption, recovery, and you'll see step-by-step instructions for creating an encryption certificate, and for saving it, and its associated private key, to a floppy disk, as well as pointers to other information that will tell you more, probably, than you wanted to know, about this topic.

David Gabel is the Executive Technology Editor of SearchWin2000 parent company TechTarget.

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