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Navigating through Windows via the keyboard

If you prefer keeping your hands on the keyboard instead of the mouse, this tip might be for you.

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If you're fed up with double-clicking through endless directories to get to the file you want, and prefer keeping your hands on the keyboard instead of the mouse, this tip might be for you.


  • Press the Windows key (or ctrl+escape if you don't have a Win key) to bring up start menu
  • Press 'R' for run...
  • Type in a directory where you want to start looking, e.g., "C:" and press enter (a window will pop up with the directory contents)
  • Start typing the name of the directory you want to jump to, e.g., "Program Files". Windows will highlight this directory for you (even before you finish typing it).
  • Press enter to jump into that directory
  • To go back a directory, press the backspace key
  • You can press F2 to rename a highlighted directory/file (and press escape to cancel your name change)
This sort of clever keyboard navigation seems to exist in quite a few areas of Windows. Wherever you find a listbox of items, it might work there too, so give it a go. For example, in MS Outlook Express, try clicking inside your email address book, then type in the name of a friend to quickly highlight it. Or in the "Users and Passwords" windows from Control Panel, try typing the name of a user to quickly highlight it.

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