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New perks for Microsoft Certified Professionals

New perks for Microsoft Certified Professionals

If you've passed at least one currently valid MCP exam and have a valid Microsoft passport account, it's worth your while to check out the newly redesigned MCP Member Home page.

Here's a quick overview of what you'll find there:

  • A product resource center for Windows Server 2003 with links to overview and background information, security stuff galore, Windows Server 2003 courses and all kinds of technical information.
  • Access to MCP private newsgroups, organized around regions or countries. The newsgroups offer peer-to-peer discussions on general topics, announcements and events, as well as job-related threads and advice.
  • An MCP career planner (developed with where MCPs can post resumes to look for work, and see what kinds of opportunities are available to them.
  • A certification planner that examines your MCP transcript and tells you what additional exams you must take, if any, to qualify for all the various versions and specializations for Microsoft certifications.
  • A transcript sharing system for prospective employers. You define an access code for the employer or any other interested party and they use that code to view your official MCP transcript.
  • Special offers, including limited-time discounts and the opportunity to view all kinds of MCP-oriented content and information.

The privileges of MCP membership include access to this site, which looks to have some interesting new value as a result of its most recent update. If you're able, do check it out; if you're not, remember to visit once you do earn MCP status.

Ed Tittel is a long-time certification follower. He's series editor for Exam Cram 2, a popular assembly of cert prep books from Que Publishing, and a contributing editor for Certification Magazine. He also covers certification topics for, and numerous other TechTarget Web sites.

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