No backup window? No problem!

Eliminate the problem of little or no backup window and perform real-time data mirroring to a backup server.

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To eliminate the problem of little or no backup window, I use Octopus High Availability software to perform real-time data mirroring to a backup server (usually an older server to which I have added large IDE disks).

During the day, the software mirrors the data on the file servers. During the backup at night, the mirroring is stopped, and resumes after the backup. It catches up with data changes in a few hours, since after the initial "replication" it only copies changes made to files. The result -- I am no longer bound to a shrinking or non-existent backup window.

Any data mirroring software will work; I only mentioned Octopus by name because that's the one I use. I believe there is a free version that will only mirror one location (but if you mirror the entire disk, it's one location!).

This was last published in March 2003

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