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Offer Remote Assistance to LAN users

Offer Remote Assistance

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Before I found this policy, I thought that I had to implement an Exchange setup or rely upon XP Messenger and Passport -- both unacceptable solutions for my organization. Remote Assistance, popularized by XP's Windows Messenger, doesn't need a complex exchange or other SIP server to function. With minimal configuration to your domain systems, you can offer remote assistance to other LAN users. This process is called Unsolicited Remote Assistance. Here's how it works:

* Create a Group Policy Object (GPO) that will affect Machine accounts.
* Under Computer Config, select Administrative Templates, System and then Remote Assistance.
* Enable both policies and populate the permissible groups with a domain group of your choice -- such as Domain Admins, Technicians, Helpdesk, etc. In addition to this entry, the group/user that offers must also be a local system administrator.
* For further details, enter the Help and Support system and enter Offer as the search criteria.

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