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Offline folder tips and tricks

Offline folder tips and tricks
By Jason Rush, Technical Writer, Microsoft Corp.

  1. Do not put the server share in a Distributed File System (DFS) tree.

    Using offline folders located in a Distributed File System (Dfs) tree is not supported. If you do put shares configured for offline use in a Dfs tree, unexpected behavior, such as Access Denied errors, may occur when moving from an offline to online state.

  2. Not all types of files can be synchronized.

    By default .mdb and .pst files are not synchronized as they have other mechanisms of synchronizing.

  3. Leaving certain kinds of documents open can prevent entering standby mode.

    When using offline folders, the original versions of Microsoft Word 2000 and Excel 2000 prevent the computer from going into standby mode when a document or spreadsheet is open. This is fixed in Office 2000 SR1.

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