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On BLAT, a command-line mailing utility

A useful utility that can enable systems to send e-mail without setting up a mail server.

BLAT is a freeware command-line tool that sends the contents of a file, ASCII or binary, in an e-mail message using SMTP. The program is very small (36K), has no system type restrictions (it can be run on any Windows machine, server or workstation) and comes with full C++ source code as well.

There are many situations where a standalone system may need to periodically send e-mails of some kind -- warnings, updates, backup copies of files, and so on. On such a system the overhead involved in installing a full-fledged e-mail server may not be worth it, but a program like BLAT can do the job without unneeded excess baggage (especially if there are problems with licensing, etc). Options that can be passed to the program include port specification, number of retries, and multiple profiles.

BLAT's binary and source code can be downloaded here.

Other authors have also created separate implementations of BLAT, one as a .DLL which can be called in the context of a third-party application. This is useful for integration into an existing program, or as something called from a script. The .DLL version can be found here.

Development of BLAT is ongoing, and a discussion list has been created to talk about the program and further possible features.

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