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Our 10 most popular tips on backup

Here are the most popular tips related to backup to recently appear on

Having done a little research, we'd like to share with you 10 of most popular tips related to backup to recently appear on our site.

  1. Bare metal restore via Automated System Recovery
    When a hard disk fails catastrophically, what can you do? Contributor Brien Posey explains how to use Automated System Recovery to create and restore files.

  2. Freeware offers backup solutions across a network
    Our desktop mangement expert Serdar Yegulalp takes a look at an open source program, called Bacula, that allows administrators to manage backup and recovery, and also verify computer data across their network.

  3. Ins and outs of Windows Server 2003's backup utility
    Although they're listed as advanced options, the tasks on the Advanced Restore Options menu are fundamental to performing backups using the Windows Server backup utility. In this tip, contributor Rick Cook explains why.

  4. Four tips for verifying that your backups indeed work
    For a storage or Windows administrator, the only thing worse than losing data is discovering that your backups don't work in the first place. Contributor Rick Cook provides four tips that will help you ensure that your backups are indeed in working order.

  5. Tasks you should automate: Backup and archiving
    In this tip, contributor Serdar Yegulalp examines some of the tools that can perform backup at the desktop level in the background.

  6. Tasks you should automate: Backups
    In this tip, contributor Serdar Yegulalp shifts to the server level, and looks at the trend away from selective backups to whole-system backups that can do bare-metal restores if needed.

  7. Worst practices for backup and disaster recovery, Part 1
    As a network administrator, you may be aware of the need for a solid data backup and recovery plan. The problem: Your company observes "worst practices," thereby dooming the plan. In this article, author Tony Bradley looks at some of the common management blunders that have caused backup plans to go astray. In Part 2, he explores some of the technical glitches that can cause a backup strategy to go belly-up.

  8. Failed backup? Check out Removable Storage Services
    In this tip, Rick Cook takes a close look at the foundation for the way in which Windows Server 2003 manages tape, data DVDs and other removable media.

  9. Five tips for scheduling backups
    Simply running an occasional random backup is not much better than not backing up at all. In this article, author Tony Bradley explains why.

  10. Backup tape encryption grows up
    Encrypting a backup tape may indeed slow things down, but contributor Brien Posey explains why it's important and looks at the different mechanisms for encrypting your backups.

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