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OutDisk: A simple solution to sending large email attachments

Learn about a third-party tool called OutDisk that solves the problem of sending large email attachments via Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server.

OutDisk 1.2.1 (.NET 2.0 required) is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook that solves the problems related to sending large file attachments via email.

The idea is elegant. When someone attaches a file to an email message using OutDisk, the tool automatically uploads the file in question to a designated FTP server and sends the recipient a direct link to the file.

This completely avoids any file-size or file-type restrictions in Microsoft Outlook, Exchange Server mailboxes, the intervening ISPs, or the recipient's email system.

OutDisk requires only an FTP account that allows HTTP access to the files hosted there -- something any Web server can do when properly configured.

Only one actual FTP account is required; each individual email user will have his or her attachments automatically segregated into different directories.

Attachments can be compressed, password protected using WinZip 128-bit AES encryption, or turned into self-extracting archives (although the latter will work on Windows only).

Delivered files can be automatically scavenged and removed after a set amount of time bya PHP script that can be customized by an administrator.

A single seat of OutDisk is $60, but discounts are offered for group purchases; a free trial version is also available.

About the author: Serdar Yegulalp is editor of Windows Insight, a newsletter devoted to hints, tips, tricks, news and goodies for all flavors of Windows users.

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