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PDC Operations Master and replication

Be aware of the PDC OPs Master when defining inter-site replication schedules.

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There's a lot of information available about Directory Replication and the Operations Masters, but beware. In a mixed environment with an W2K account domain and NT4 clients and NT4 Administration Tools, the PDC Operations Master is still the single point of contact for account changes (because that's where NT4 tools connect). When a user on an NT4 workstation changes his password, the activity is directed to the PDC Ops Master. So what?? What if the PDC OPs Master is in a different site than the Users workstation? The change will not be known to the closest DC until it is replicated from the PDC Ops Master to the Users site. In large environments with many sites and and a multi-tiered replication model, account changes can take can take a VERY long time to be seen by the user. In an environment of W2K account domains with a large NT4 environment, I strongly suggest that you take this into consideration when defining the inter-site replication schedule.

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