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Passwords without Post-its

This user-submitted tip suggests the use of a formulaic non-alpha character subsitution system to increase password security.

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1. Take a short sentence. It needs to be at least eight words long. For example: "On top of a pizza all covered with cheese."

2. Take the first letter of each word -- i.e. "otoapacwc."

3. Convert a letter to a non-alpha character. Use some changing standard.

For example, this convert the letter a to @. Next month use a different sentence and convert the letter o to 0 (zero).

Common substitutions are:

 i - 1 s - $ c - ( a - @ o - 0 e - 3 h - #

Normally you should convert two letters to non-alpha characters.

Password is: oto@p@cwc or 0t0apacwc or otoapa(w(.

Password phrases that bear some meaning to the user are easier to remember than a single password, and using the substitution will make for a reasonably strong password.

This was last published in March 2003

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