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Personalize your screen saver

Display your own images as part of the '3D flying objects' screen saver.

Did you know that you can display your own images as part of the '3D flying objects' screen saver? This is helpful...

if you want to display your corporate logo as the screen saver, for example.

To do so, go to "Display Properties" and then to the "Screen Saver" tab. Choose the 3D Flying Objects screen saver and then push the "Settings" button.

Change the object style to "Textured Flag" and then click the "Texture" button.

Now you can select any *.bump file as the image.

This was last published in September 2004

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Nice tip but for most people I know the screen saver never kicks in for them to see it.I couldn't tell you what mine is at work, I don't think I ever see it. Either they have the turned off or the time is set way to high like 30 minute or more.