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Preventative maintenance checklist

A helpful checklist of preventative maintenace instructions.

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For a small company like ours, I find it helpful to outline an easy process for my part-time staff, so they can perform routine network preventative maintenance procedures in a structured manner. So, I created a network folder that includes the following:


  1. List of daily, weekly and monthly tasks
  2. Shortcuts to all server hard drives to be monitored
  3. Shortcuts to log directories
  4. Shortcuts to SQL dump directories
  5. Shortcut to master IT inventory list
  6. Link to SUS server to check MS updates
  7. Individual task lists (adding new user, training for new users, etc.)
  8. Link to spreadsheet used to track all preventative maintenance steps and outcomes for each day for reference

You may find it helpful to incorporate some sort of checklist like this in your for the preventative maintenace instructions you provide your IT staff.

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