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Printing a List of Domain Users

Printing a List of Domain Users
From Windows NT Troubleshooting by Kathy Ivens, Osborn McGraw-Hill, 1998

Did you ever think that it would be useful to have a hard copy list of your domain users? For some inexplicable reason, the User Manager programs (User Manager and User Manager for Domains) don't provide a way to print a list of users. In fact, if you open the help file for User Manager and search the index or the database for the word "print," you won't find any entries. You also cannot print information about users from Microsoft Exchange Server or System Management Server, so this is obviously a Microsoft design. Of course there are plenty of reasons to have a hard copy of your user list, so if you are in need try one of these:

  • Open a command window on a domain controller and enter net user > filename.txt (invent your own filename for the redirected list).
  • Open a command window on an NT workstation that is part of the domain and enter net user/domain > filename.txt
  • Note: Two things to remember when using these methods: you don't have to use the .txt extension, but it makes it easier to open the file in Explorer when the file is registered and associated. Also if you use the workstation command, you must include the word domain; do not substitute this with the actual domain name.

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