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Protect your Web servers

A simple method for keeping unwanted HTML from your ebusiness servers.


Protect your Web servers
David Gabel

HTML is a wonderful language for a number of things. For one thing in particular, it's really great: it's becoming a sort of universal communications language for e-business, which is good, to some extent. And as a result, HTML often passes through firewalls without any checking at the firewall. Once past, it can cause problems. But there is a solution, if you're running Microsoft's Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA Server).

Sometimes the HTML can be used as a transport vehicle for hackers, and they can drop nasty little code snippets into your operation that, if not caught, could be a problem for any applications that might want to make use of the info that comes in with an HTLM document or with an XML document.

But ISA offers the capability to do some filtering and stop information that isn't safe from getting to where it can do some harm. You can set up such a filter based on some simple data's presence in the document, and thus stop data that you don't want from coming in.

Microsoft offers a Word document that explains this technique in great detail, along with sample code. The company doesn't support that code: it's intended as a sample that can spur your own development efforts.

David Gabel is Executive Technology Editor of TechTarget.

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