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Quickly and reliably restore system state data

Use Win2k backup to backup your system state data to a different partition and restores will be faster.

Use Windows 2000 backup to back up your system state data to a different partition, even though you also have a tape backup. Restores of system data will now be faster and much more reliable. The resulting file can be backed up as a flat file by your tape device, and it can be used for disaster recovery purposes in conjunction with your tape backup even if you don't have open file agents, etc.

To do that, though, you must do a complete backup with all unneeded services turned off, and a win2k system state data backup transferred to either a tape or CD. Now do a parallel install to a temp directory (d:winnttmp), install tape software also to a temp directory (ie: d:Arcservetemp) and do a complete restore to original location. Check the boot.ini to verify correct pointers, reboot into recovery console and restore your awesome system state data.

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