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Reasons to reboot

After performing any of the actions outlined in this tip, you will need to reboot your Windows 2000 machines.

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Windows 2000 has reduced the number of required reasons to reboot from over 50 in NT 4.0 to around seven in Windows 2000.

The items below used to require reboots:

  • Changing an IP address
  • Changing the mouse
  • Adding a new page file or changing its size
  • Adding plug and play devices
  • Adding new disks

    But now, the only items that require reboot are:

  • Changing ISA adapter configuration
  • Changing the system font (The USER and Graphics Device Interface have to be recreated.)
  • Adding and removing communication ports (due to possible jumper changes)
  • Changing the default system locale
  • Changing the computer/domain name
  • Installing service packs or hotfixes

    In Windows 2000 Server reboots are also needed for:

  • Running DCPROMO
  • Changing DNS suffix name
  • Switching language in multilanguage edition
  • Installing Terminal Services
  • Removing Gateway Services for NetWare
  • Changing a DNS server's IP address

    Some software packages, which either edit one of the above items or are not properly written for Windows 2000, may also require you to reboot as well.

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