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Recover disk space

Recover gigabytes of server storage space and reduce boot time during User logon by changing group policy.

Recover disk space
By Peter Loosley, searchSystemsManagement member

What Windows administrator doesn't need more space? Smaller disk space used means the ability to store more data -- and better performance. This tip details how to save space. You probably have a similar tip from your own experience. Share it with your peers, and enter our tip contest at the same time. Submit it here.

To recover gigabytes of server storage space and reduce boot time during User logon, consider "Limit Profile Size" through group policy. Users can then self-administor their profile and maintain a file size below the limit you set. Here's how:

  1. Open Active Directory Users and Computers
  2. Create OU called Domain Users
  3. Move (select all users then right click) all users to Domain Users OU.
  4. Right Click on Domain Users OU Container and select Properties > Group Policy.
  5. Create New policy and name it Domain Users.
  6. Highlight Domain Users Policy and click Edit.
  7. Open Container User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Logon/Logoff
  8. Open "Limit Profile Size" policy and enable. Max Profile size (KB)30000 is same as 30MB. This is ample for most situations.
  9. Select "Include Registry in file list"
  10. Select "Notify user every X minutes: 30 (enough to notify, not enough to annoy). Select OK.

Policy is now enforced and will be active on next logon.

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