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Remote restart of Win2k

did you know that you can restart a Win2k/XP box remotely right from MMC (Microsoft Management Console)?

Ever need to restart a Win2k/XP box remotely? There are several scripted options out there, but of course, they require the script (resource kit has one). But did you know that you can do it right from MMC (Microsoft Management Console)? Its a bit buried, but here's how:

  1. Open a computer management console for the machine in question. (I usually just right click my own 'My Computer' icon then choose MANAGE, then right click the COMPUTER MANAGEMENT line and choose connect to another computer.)

  2. Right click the COMPUTER MANAGEMENT (top level line) and choose properties.

  3. It might take a moment, but eventually you'll get a tabbed dialog. Choose the ADVANCED tab.

  4. Under ADVANCED, choose STARTUP and RECOVERY settings.

  5. Click the SHUT DOWN button. It will present you with options on how you want the shutdown to proceed -- either a restart, power off, etc.

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