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Remotely identify problem device drivers and services

Use the Computer Management console to create lists of non-essential and troublesome drivers and services on 2000 machines.

To remotely identify device drivers or services that are causing a 2000 box to hang, right click My Computer on your desktop and select Manage. Right click the Computer Management root, and select Connect to Another Computer. Then enter the name of the target machine.

For devices, expand System Tools, expand Software Environment, then expand Drivers. You'll see a list of all drivers by name, description, type, state and status. You can right click the Drivers folder and select Export List. Select the "Text (Comma Delimited) (*.csv)" option to access the saved file in Excel. If you do this procedure both in Safe Mode and in Regular Mode and compare lists, you can identify nonessential 3rd party drivers that may be causing the problem. Then you can disable and renable each and reboot a few times to identify the troublesome one.

Likewise to do so with services, connect to another machine as described above, but instead expand Services and Applications, then Services. This list can be saved as a .csv file too and compared between Safe Mode and a normal boot.

It's worth noting that for checking services, you can do this for NT machines too.

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