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Resolve 'The Error Log File is Corrupt' error

How to resolve 'The Error Log File is Corrupt' error message when trying to access the system event log from event viewer in Win2003 Server.

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In Windows 2003 Server SP1, you may get the error "The Error Log File is Corrupt" when trying to access the System Event Log in Event Viewer. Microsoft corrected this issue in Windows 2000 and 2003 Server with the latest Service Packs. However, 2003 SP1 resulted in the message showing up again in certain situations.

The original method to resolve the issue was the following:
1. Disable the Event Viewer Service
2. Restart the server
3. Delete the C:WINDOWS\system32\config\SysEvent.Evt file
4. Re enable the Event Viewer service and see that the log files are no longer corrupt.

Unfortunately, the above method may not work with 2003 SP1 because the root of the problem stems from the network card sending an improperly formatted event message to the event log. To resolve the problem, change the network card to run in full duplex mode. The corrupt system log message should then go away.

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