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Resolved! INTERNET_29 error code with Exchange ActiveSync

When error code INTERNET_29 calls, don't hang up. Follow these directions for troubleshooting and make some adjustments between Microsoft Server ActiveSync and your mobile device.

Do you use a mobile device running Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 with the Microsoft Server ActiveSync client update to synchronize your inbox, contacts or calendar items with Exchange 2000? If so, you may receive the following error message: "Synchronization failed. Information cannot be synchronized because a connection to the network was not detected. Check your device connection settings and try again. Error code: INTERNET_29."

INTERNET_29 errors may occur in any of the following scenarios:
* There is no connectivity to the server.
* A certificate is not installed on the server.
* The configuration settings on the device for Server ActiveSync are incorrect.

To resolve this issue, use the following troubleshooting method:


  2. If you are using desktop pass-through to synchronize, make sure that the device is in the cradle.


  3. If you are using an 802.11 card in your Pocket PC, make sure that the connection settings are configured correctly.


  4. Confirm that the Pocket PC has a valid Internet Protocol (IP) address.


  5. Browse to a Web site to verify that you are connected to the Internet.


  6. Use any of the freeware utilities that are available to verify your IP address.


  7. Use the Ping utility to check basic network connectivity.


  8. Because Server ActiveSync requires Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), make sure that a valid certificate is installed on the server.

    To find out if the certificate is disabled:
    a. On the MIS server, start Internet Services Manager.
    b. Right-click the Default Web Site node, click Properties and then click the Directory Security tab.
    c. If the buttons in the Secure Communications section are not available (grayed out), the certificate is not installed.


  9. On the Pocket PC device, type Start | ActiveSync | Tools | Options, then Server. Then verify that you entered the server name correctly. (Note: Use the name of the server that is running Mobile Information Server -- not the server that is running Exchange 2000 Server.)


  10. Repeat step 8, but instead of the MIS host name, enter the IP address for the server. This will test for host name resolution issues.


John Gormly is a regional technology director for a leading public accounting firm, a position he has held for the last 15 years. He is responsible for all aspects of technology, including training, PC support, LAN/WAN infrastructure, telecommunications, project management, IT deployments and personnel management.

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