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Resolving NetBIOS names

User submitted tip: Resolving NetBIOS names

There may be instances when you are experience name resolution issues on your TCP/IP network and you need to use Lmhosts files to resolve NetBIOS names.

Add the following entries to the Lmhosts file:

  • PDCName #PRE #DOM:Domain name

  • "Domainname 0x1b" #PRE

NOTE: Spacing of these entries is imperative.

Replace with the IP address of your primary domain controller (PDC), PDCName with the NetBIOS name of your PDC, and Domain with your Windows NT domain name.

There must be a total of 20 characters within the quotations (the domain name plus the appropriate number of spaces to pad up to 15 characters plus the backslash plus the NetBIOS hex representation of the service type).

To help determine where the 16th character is, copy the following line to your LMHOSTS file:

  • # IP Address "123456789012345*7890"

Line up the double quotes (") by adding or removing spaces from the comment line, and place them on the 16th column (the column marked with the asterisk). You must use SPACES after the name and before the , not a tab.

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