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Rights management in Windows: Security expert roundup

The first installment of our 'Ask the Security Expert' podcast series in 2008 tackles rights and permissions management in Windows. Security expert Brad Dinerman offers advice on setting permissions in Windows folders, not having appropriate rights to open Group Policy Objects and managing proxy servers with Group Policy.

For, 2008 begins where 2007 left off...with questions regarding Windows rights management...

and setting permissions in Windows networks. We kick off the 2008 "Ask the security expert" podcast series with three questions for Windows networking security expert Brad Dinerman. Brad offers his thoughts on setting permissions in Windows folders, user rights in Group Policy and managing proxy server settings in Group Policy.

Click play to listen to this podcast, "Solving rights management in Windows."

0:50: Is it possible to set permissions on a folder so that users can write files to that folder but not overwrite any permissions?

1:40: Why do I receive the error message, "Failed to open Group Policy Object. You may not have appropriate rights?"

2:53: How can we use Group Policy to manage proxy server settings for certain desktops (and not laptops) within a particular subnet -- for each subnet per computer and not per-user?

If you have any Windows security questions for any of our experts, don't be shy! Visit our ask the security experts library and ask a question today.

If you want to listen to this podcast offline or save it on a mobile storage unit, follow this URL and save it on your computer from there.

This was last published in January 2008

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