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SMS remote tools launching made easy

Create a Web page to launch SMS tools remotely.

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I work in a multiple computer environment and use SMS for management. I got tired of opening SMS and searching through my labs for the system I wanted.

Create a .cmd file that points to the SMS remote.exe and append the IP address of a system. Example: Q:SMSADMINbini386remote.exe Label it with that system name or serial number. (You can stop here if you only manage a few systems and label the .cmd file descriptively.)

Create a Web page that displays where the systems are physically located (I used FrontPage), as well as the system name and serial number. Where each system is represented, create a hotspot that hyperlinks to the .cmd file that contains that systems IP address.

After you save that Web page, you will be able to click on the graphical representation of a system and launch the remote tools from there.

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