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Scan for no-nos

Sources for scripting information for Exchange server, as well as sources for third-party products.

Scan for no-nos

This tip comes from our user forums on SearchWin2000. User Tcrooch asks about scripting on Exchange 5.5, SP4. Specifically, he wants to know if it's possible to screen out content you don't want coming into your mail server. Site Expert Scott Schnoll responds with a good bit of helpful information.

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Q: Is there a way to write a script that will scan e-mails for illicit content and filter them? I would like to start scripting on the server. Also, are there any resources available to help understand how to setup scripting and how it works?

A: You can create an event script that can do this. The Exchange 5.5 Resource Kit, and have details on the Exchange Event Service and scripting. If you don't want to create and maintain your own code base for this function, you can purchase a third-party product for this, such as those from F-Secure (, Sybari (, Trend Micro ( GFI (, and others. Hope this helps.

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