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Secure network folders demand secure permissions

Sharing folders is a great way to make life easy for your users, as they can easily access any important information they need on your network. Unfortunately, it is also a great way to lose or taint important information. Windows hardening expert Jonathan Hassell offers a few pointers on how to ensure that your shared files do not get ruined.

Learn folder permissions best practices with Jonathan Hassell's expert advice.

Question: I cannot delete a certain shared folder located on my server. When I log in as administrator and try...

to delete this folder, which is empty, a message appears that says "access denied, disk is write protected or folder is not empty." What could be the problem? I am using Windows 2000 professional for client and Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition as server. - Posed by a reader.

Click here to read Jonathan Hassell's advice on how to delete write-protected folders.

Question: How do I share a folder, yet, for security reasons, not allow others to copy from that folder? (i.e., how do I make this folder read-only?)
- Posed by a reader.

Click here to read Jonathan Hassell's advice on how to make a Windows folder read-only.

Question: I am using Windows XP. I have placed some table files (.dbf) of Vfp9 on the network. I want to allow my users to change (edit) files, but I don't want them to delete any of the files in the shared folder.
- Posed by a reader.

Click here to read Jonathan Hassell's advice on how to prevent users from deleting files in shared folders.

This was last published in May 2007

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