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Secure the All Staff distribution list

How to stop spurious e-mail to everyone.

Distribution Lists allow for improved communications among groups of users. Because of this, organizations often...

have an All Staff distribution list, comprised of all staff members with mailboxes. It could be called Everyone, or have a name that reflects physical location or department name. Whatever it's called, an All Staff distribution list available to all users can have its disadvantages, one of which is the ability of users to send joke mails and chain letters to everyone in that distribution list. To avoid this, the All Staff distribution list can be set up to accept messages from listed mailboxes and reject them from everyone else. To do this, perform the following steps:

  • Double-click on the All Staff distribution list

  • Select the Delivery Restriction Tab

  • In the Accept message from window click the list radio button

  • Click on the modify button and select the mailboxes who can send mail to the distribution list

  • On the opposite side in the reject messages from window click the list radio button

  • Click modify button and select users who cannot send mail to the distribution list

When sending mail to the All Staff distribution lists you may want to ensure that users did receive the mail this as we know can be done by enabling the delivery notification option MS Outlook. A report will then be sent from the distribution list informing the user that individuals received the message. If the user wishes to get delivery receipts from individual members of the distribution list the following can be done:

  • Go to properties of the All Staff distribution list and then go to the Advanced Tab

  • Click on Report To Message Originator option

  • When finished click OK.

Depending on the staff size the delivery receipts can be lengthy.

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