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Server management sessions at TechEd: Three are 'must-see'

Server management expert Laura Hunter points to three must-attend TechEd sessions that will discuss Windows troubleshooting, Filemon, Regmon, Active Directory, Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM), domain controllers and Network Access Protection (NAP).

The TechEd show in Boston next week will be featuring an entire track of sessions related to server management. Many of them are focused on server management infrastructure; others will focus on new management features in Microsoft's upcoming Longhorn release. asked our resident server management expert Laura Hunter to recommend some must-attend sessions for those attending TechEd. She gave us three. Two of them fall on Friday, the last day of the show, so some of you might want to plan for a weeklong stay in Boston.

Her first recommendation is the Tuesday session, Advanced Windows Troubleshooting with Sysinternals Filemon and Regmon. This session will be held from 2:45 pm to 4 pm in Grand Ballroom A, which we presume must be a vast auditorium, given the stature of the two speakers -- Mark Russinovich and David Solomon -- in the Windows arena.

The session is designed to share with attendees advanced techniques to troubleshoot a range of Windows system and application issues, such as DLL conflicts, permission problems and registry problems. The session description goes on to note that Microsoft Product Support uses these tools on a daily basis.

Of this session, Laura says, "These are the guys who wrote the Windows Internals bible. They're well worth listening to. I'll be going to this one myself."

The second session she recommends is Active Directory in the Extranet, which will be held Friday, June 16, from 10:45 am to noon in Room 253 ABC. The session is described by Microsoft as one that will help attendees understand when to use Active Directory versus Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) in the different application directory roles.

Laura puts it more simply, telling us that the session will be useful in answering the question, "So do I put a domain controller in my DMZ or not?"

The third session she recommends is Get Ready for Network Access Protection: What Everyone Needs to Know. It will be held Friday from 1:00 pm to 2:15 pm in Grand Ballroom B.

Network Access Protection is a feature coming in Longhorn, and, according to Microsoft's session description, "The future is secure network access through policy-based enforcement and it's coming with Network Access Protection." The session is designed to show attendees the steps they need to take to prepare for deploying NAP.

Laura predicts that "NAP is going to be my most favorite Windows technology of all time, and I think I won't be alone in that estimation."

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